Cuddle Time Preschool currently has no openings. We offer a no TV environment and provide wholesome, kid-enjoyed USDA meals.

We believe in an unhurried, play-based program that allows social connections and open ended opportunities of learning. We believe that play is the foundation for future school success and set up an environment that blends the concepts of learning and play with real-life experiences. With over 1800 sq. ft. of 100 percent preschool space we make learning fun while getting children school ready. Outdoor experiences daily, and our outdoors is beautiful and full of creative, open-ended experiences.

Lovingly supporting families since 1987, we believe relationships are important and that our families are a benefit of this program.

The Cuddle Time Philosophy

Learning is a natural, joyful experience. Children learn by playing, experimenting, exploring and testing. Children flourish when the process of discovery is lovingly encouraged and gently reinforced. This is the philosophy by which we create not only the opportunities we offer but the environment itself. We believe each child has unique interests and talents and all children need opportunities to be responsible. Our staff work to create avenues of opportunities in your child's day that support our beliefs that children deserve to have "a childhood to remember" and to create a foundation of learning and social skill development that will support the journey through elementary school.

"There is, I believe, something primal and deeply important about being outside. It doesn't make a difference to a child whether it is hot or cold, windy or rainy - the outdoors beckons to them."
Bev Bos

"We must stop thinking of time set aside for playing as time being taken away from something else - something deemed (by grown-ups) as 'more important' such as academic preparation and school readiness. Play in fact supports school readiness! PLay is NOT separate from learning! Our foundation of creating, moving, singing, discussing, observing and reading is held together by play. Play, if you will, is the cement holding our foundation together and it is this foundation that win, in turn, support the house of higher learning."
Lisa Murphy
"Play...The Foundation of Higher Learning"