About us

We Strive to have each child remain happy, self-assured, and confident; to provide each child with needed reassurance, believing that they can come to us for any reason; to provide them with all the love and attention they need during their time away from you, and feel secure and happy in our environment.

Established in 1987. Cuddle Time Preschool is a certified program (#CF000579) in Milwaukie, OR.

Our program is established on the belief that a child’s interest, found through observations & documentation, lead us to create the environment and activities we offer at Cuddle Time. We feel child-led interest attaches best to their development during these early years.

Our program has multiple rooms, each uniquely organized that support a child's natural curiosity & way of learning. We believe that if a program is set up well that it makes for less congestion & conflicts. We have a largely invisible structure that allows for many teachable moments and keeps learning fun.

We are a no TV environment and support daily trips outdoors.

Eating outdoors on our large, covered deck is something also we enjoy through-out the entire year, light rain or shine.

With our teacher's consistent communication, in person and with the app BrightWheel, parents get a real-time view of activities including, pictures and videos. The impact on our parents has proven immeasurable.